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The learning process is a necessity for everyone.  Online learning can be effective and necessary at times, but when it comes to learning the musical language, interaction in an ensemble is a requirement, especially for the advancing young musician.  This is the reason why Brass on Ivory Music has implemented a new program to meet the need of the advancing musician:


Ensemble Overview

  • Audition required for playing competency evaluation.

  • $30 / rehearsal and performance per student.  ( 3 / 4 rehearsals per month with at least 1 / 2 performances a year).

  • Current private instruction students of Brass on Ivory Music receive a discounted price per rehearsal / performance of $20.

  • Saturday rehearsals.

  • No more than 2 missed rehearsals will be permitted.  No refund of any monies for missed rehearsals.  Money paid will not be applied to other 12 week sessions.  Please carefully consider these requirements before signing an agreement to participate.

  • A 12 week commitment is required so students are given an opportunity to perform in a concert.

  • Ensembles will focus upon :  developing musicianship and the personal skills necessary to play at a level which will enrich their lives and those who they are interacting with as musicians and those who may be receiving the music which they create from this experience.

We are approaching this program as a 3 - step process:

     Step #1 :  Those interested should fill out the form that will include contact information in order to set up an audition date for that group they are interested in.

     Step #2 :  We will set up the audition date and send you the audition material for your particular instrument.

     Step #3 :  After the audition, we will inform you by email of the final decision.  If favorable, rehearsal dates and performance dates will be confirmed and the payment arrangements will be set up.

Contact Us

Thanks for submitting!.....we'll be in touch shortly!!

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